Senior Secretary; Ministry of Home Affairs
Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh E-mail:

Date of Birth : Born on 9th July, 1955, in Dhaka, Home District : Sylhet

Academic Education :

SSC : Chandpur Govt. Jubilee High School

HSC: Dhaka College

B.A. (Honours) : Dept. of Economics, Dhaka University

M.A. : Dept. of Economics, Dhaka University.

Marital Status : Married, with 2 children.

  • Present Address : ‘Oporajita’, Flat No.- 201. Govt. Officers’ Quarters, Eskaton Garden, Dhaka.

Tell: 9355978 (Res), 7160405 (Off), Fax: 7164788

E-mail :


  • Civil Service Career:
  • ● Joined the Bangladesh Civil Service (Administration) cadre in 1981.
  • ● Served as Assistant Commissioner in Chittagong District Administration in 1981-82.
  • ● Upazila Magistrate in Sonagazi Upazila, Feni, 1982-84
  • ● Senior Trial Magistrate in Tangail District; 1984.
  • ●Assistant Private Secretary to the Minister, Ministry of Establishment; 1984-85.
  • ● Assistant Private Secretary to the Minister for Relief, Rehabilitation, Disaster Management and Food; 1985.
  • ● Assistant Private Secretary to the Foreign Minister; 1985-86.
  • ● Senior Assistant Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; 1986-88.
  • ● Diplomat in the Bangladesh High Commission (Embassy) in London; March 1988-July 1991.
  • ● Senior Assistant Secretary in the Cabinet Division; 1991-95.
  • ● Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO), Munshigang Sadar Upazila ; 1995.
  • ● Additional Deputy Commissioner in Chittagong District;1995-98.
  • ●Private Secretary to the Speaker, Bangladesh Parliament; February 1998-December’99.
  • ● Deputy Secretary in the Bangladesh Parliament Secretariat dealing with the Parliamentary Standing Committees as Secretary to the Committees.
  • ● Deputy Commissioner; Narayangang District; 2000-2001.
  • ● Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Textiles ; 2001-2003
  • ●Joint Secretary, Economic Relations Division, Ministry of Finance; September, 2003- March,2004.
  • ● Director General, NGO Affairs Bureau.
  • ● Additional Secretary, Ministry of Health.
  • ● Additional Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture.
  • ● Secretary in charge, Ministry of Liberation Affairs.
  • ● Secretary, Bridges Division, Ministry of Communication.
  • ● Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture; March, 2009- till date.


9. Training Courses/Programmes:


● Civil Service Foundation Training Course, at Civil Officers Training

Academy (COTA), Dhaka ; 1981

● Administration and Law Course ; COTA, 1981

● Course for Bangladesh Civil Service Officers, at Bangladesh Military

Academy; 1987(Orientation, Basic weapons, Tactics, Strategy, Organization

and Management skills etc.

● Planning and Project management Course, at Planning and Development

Academy, Dhaka; 1993

● Course on Improving performance in Public Service, at School of Public

Policy, Burmingham University, UK,1994

●Land Management Course, at Land Management Training Centre, Dhaka; 1996

● Fighting Corruption: Strategic Approach, at International Academy for Leadership, Gummersbach, Cologne, Germany, March 2000.


10. Administrative Experiences:

As a functionary in the field level administration, experiences include the following :

● Played important role in the establishment of the new Upzila (administrative area) local government system, being posted in one of the first-phase Upazilas in 1982.

● As local Administrator, implemented and co-coordinated the development

schemes/programmes of the Government Ministries and the subordinate

Departments, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and related public

sector organizations/agencies.

●Administered and supervised judicial (Magistracy) functions of the District, the Magistrate courts and Upzila/Thana level administration of the Government.

● Maintenance of law and order in the area of jurisdiction.

● Management of district land and land-revenue administration.

●Personnel management of over 1,000 staff of the district and Upazila/Thana administrative set up.

● Chairman of the Managing Committee of about 50 educational institutions

(Colleges and Schools) of the District.

● President and Vice President of District Sports Council, District Cultural

Academy and District Children Academy etc. in Chittagong and

Narayangang Districts.

● Conducting and supervising national and local elections and public examinations

● Supervising fair trade and commercial practices

● Negotiation of labor and industrial disputes.

● Regulation and licensing of fire arms and explosives.

● Disaster relief and rehabilitation activities.

●Trainer in the Regional Public Administration Training Centre, Chittagong, romotional and awareness-generating work among people living in the rural areas on human rights, rights of women, mass literacy, health, family planning and population control, etc.


11. Experience in the Cabinet Division:

● Monitoring and evaluating the activities and performance of the District Administrations and Magistrate Courts in the Districts of the country.

● Policy formulation regarding District and Thana/Upazila administrations,

Magistrate Courts and administrative and local government reforms.

● Formulation and revision of the Rules of Business, Allocation of Business among Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies, Warrant of Precedence among VIPs and Senior Government Officials, and other national level administrative and basic rules of the state,

● Formulation, co-ordination and implementation of development schemes relating to physical infrastructures in the field of Administration.


12. Foreign Travel:

Visited many countries on various occasions, namely – UK, USA, Canada, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Russia, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, Newzealand, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Trinidad & Tobago, Nepal, Burma, India, Philippines, Hong Kong (China), Dubai(UAE), Uganda,Kenya, Vietnam, China, Italy, Srilanka, Japan, Korea.

International Conferences/Meetings Attended :

i) Kathmandu, Nepal : Meeting of Foreign Ministers of the South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation (SAARC) and inauguration of SAARC Headquarters January, 1987.

ii) Maungdu, Burma (Myanmar) : Bilateral meeting of Senior Officials on

Repatriation of Rohingya refugees from Bangladesh to Burma, July, 1992.

iii) Wellington, New Zealand : Commonwealth Parliamentary Association

(CPA) Executive Committee Meeting and 44th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference, 14-20th October, 1998.

iv) New York, USA : Meeting of the Council of Former presidents of the UN

General Assembly (UNGA), 22-28th November 1998.

v) Singapore : Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) mid-year

Executive Committee Meeting, 2-8th May 1999.

vi) Moscow, Russia : Meeting of the World Council of Former Foreign

Ministers, 7-8th July 1999.


vii) Rabat, Morocco : Meeting of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)

Preparatory Committee of the Year 2000 Conference of Presiding Officers

of National Parliaments ; 8-10th September 1999.

viii) Trinidad & Tobago : Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA)

Executive Committee Meeting and the 45th Commonwealth Parliamentary

Conference; 11-19th September 1999.

ix) Berlin, Germany : 102nd Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Conference ;10-16th

October 1999.

 x) The Philippines : Study tour on Child related program of UN agencies,

Govt., NGOs, local Govt. etc. December 2003.

xi) Kathmandu, Nepal: Sub-Regional Workshop on Millennium Development Goals DGs), February 2004.

xii) Kenya and Uganda : Study tour on Sector Wide Approach in Gender

Mainstreaming, Health and other sectors, Kenya and Uganda,29th March – 8 April, 2004.

xiii) Korea and Japan: Economic Dealings of Korea and Japan.

Srilanka: NGO Financial Money Laundering.

ailand: Twenty ninth FAO Regional Conference for Asia and the Pacific; 25-30 March,2009.

i) Italy: 15-19 June, 2009, FAO Community Meeting.

i) Bhutan: FAO South Asian Regional Workshop on Priorities in Agriculture; 20-23 July, 2009.

i) Belarus: Visit to Belarus for the Purpose of recollecting & reviewing different aspects of fertilizer import agreement; 24-30 August, 2009.

South Korea: Seminar on the Asian Food and Agriculture Cooperation Initiative (AFACI); 01-07 November, 2009.

Italy: The Thirty-sixth Session of the FAO Conference; 15-25 November, 2009.

Denmark: United Nations Climate Change Conference (UNFCC), Copenhagen, Denmark; 10-21 December, 2009.

USA : ‘Leaders in Development’ Programme of Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University; USA, 07-17 June, 2010.

i) Philippines : To attend the “Investment Forum for Food Security in Asia and the Pacific” to be held in Manila and to visit the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) Headquarters, Philippines; 06-09 July, 2010.

v) Belarus: To negotiate state to state fertilizer import agreement between Government agencies of Belarus and Bangladesh ; 05-15 August, 2010.

Korea: To participate in “The 30th FAO Regional Conference for the Asia and the Pacific; 27 September – 01 October, 2010.

Italy: To participate in the 36th Session of Committee on World Food Security; 11-16 October, 2010.

Sudan: to participate in the Experts Group Meeting of Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC); 26-27 October, 2010 and the Meeting of Ministers of Agriculture and Food of OIC member states; 28 October, 2010; 26-28 October, 2010

xxviii) Saudi Arabia: Performing Holly Hajj; 10-29 November, 2010.

xxix) Italy: To attend the 34th session of IFAD’s Governing Council, 17-22 February, 2011.

xxx) Thailand: To attend “Regional Consultation on Policy and Programmatic Actions to Address High Food Prices in Asia and the Pacific Region” and FAO Regional Meeting on “Increasing Rice Productivity Under-exploited Areas of SAARC Countries” 8-12, March, 2011.

xxxi) China: To attend the “High Official’s Tour” 7-13 May, 2011.

xxxii) Italy: The Thirty-Seventh Session of the FAO Conference, Rome, Italy; 25-28 June, 2011.

xxxiii) Belarus: To review different aspects of fertilizer import contract; 10-16 July, 2011.

xxxiv) United Kingdom: To negotiate on the barriers to export of citrus fruits & also to increase export of vegetables and other agricultural products from Bangladesh in the UK mainstream market;18-24 September, 2011.

xxxv) Turkey: To attend the 6th Ministerial Conference with the theme of “Food Security: Agricultural Development and Access to Food and Nutrition in OIC Countries; 03-06 October, 2011.

xxxvi) Tunisia: To review different aspects of import agreement, 20-26 December, 2011.

xxxvii)Jordan: To sign the Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in the field of Agriculture between Jordan and Bangladesh; 27-29 December, 2011.


14. Proficiency in English Language:

Scored 7.5 on the scale of 9 in IELTS, global testing system conducted by the British Council



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